Final QT owarimashita

Konshu final QT de tahen no shu deshita. First round nanni mo yokunai birdie ikko mo nai. Super nervous round!! Demo comeback dekimashita ga yokatta. Result wa 80-73-71-69, total 5 over par. Rainen tournament sembu dereru! Yeah!!

Kino Hirone kita massage ni moratta. Kyo ippai ii shot dekimashita. Honto ni arigatougozaimasu. Minasan no okake desu! Ezuresan to Machan okake sama!!

Kotoshi Chang, Miyata Space and Craft, Yuki Golf factory to Taylormade arigatougozaimasu.

Kyo wa watashino okasan tanjobi. Ippai okasan power moratta. 69 for mama!!

It has been such a roller coaster week for me. I started my week without playing a practice round due to heavy rain. Then, I played unbelievably awful on the first round. Everything went wrong. There wasn’t any birdie on the first day. Then, I gradually came back on the second and the third round by shooting 73-71. But I can’t ask for any better comeback like today. I started the day with bogey on the first hole then bogey second and three birdie in the roll. Finally, I managed to shoot 34-35, 69 for today. It was like I came back from hell.

I can’t do this without Ezuresan, Machan and especially Hirone. Hirone came yesterday and gave me massage. It really helped me perform better today. I’ve been had shoulder pain and fatigue legs for the week and it is almost all gone today. Big Thanks to her for that. I could hit so many great shot today. Also, today is my mom’s Birthday. Three years ago, I failed completely at the final stage and I thought it might be a ginz. But good thing that I can prove it wrong.

Good to be back in the game again. Thank you for everyone support this year.


Thai ryori

Kino Thai ryori tabemashita. Sugoi oishiikatta. Ono Sensei to okusan arigatougozaimasu. Raishu Final QT ganbarimasu.


Kotoshi arigatougozaimasu

Kyo chanto kimete golf dekinakatta. Chanto dekita wa saiko no 4 hole. Kotoshi no money ranking wa 59th. Third QT ikisumori natta. Demo ii renshu to Final QT jumbi tomotte yarimasu. Suki no 2 shukan shot kimete utsu yaru.

Kotoshi minasan ouen shimashita. Arigatougozaimasu. Matta rainen yoroshikuonegaishimasu.


Kyo no PW wa yokatta. Kino sensen pin ikinakatta. Daitai 16-18 ga kankai sugimashita. Mo chotto image shikakunaranai.

Round owatta tokini Ezuresan chotto misete roraimashita. Raishu ganbarimasu.

I actually felt better hitting the ball and getting ball in the hole. At the beginning of the round, I started with one under par after 4 hole and then I started worrying too much about the wind. That is where the disaster came on my round.

After the round, I went to driving range and fortunately I could get some lesson with my coach. However, he said that there is nothing else he can teach me at the moment. It is just my decision making. I have to take more time picking up a shot that I want to hit and then have a good rehearsal swing accordingly. Then, simply trust it.
I hit many kinds of shot at the range and there was any single shot that I can’t hit. It is just the matter of my heart and my head. I stayed and practiced at the course until 4:30 just because I wanted to get ready for next week. Just going to give all I got for next week.