Lesson learned

I have not played very well lately since I won. It was time to figure things out about what has gone wrong. Then, I found myself slacking off with how I practiced, how I managed my time for preparation and maintenance my body for tournament. I created many excuses not to work as hard as I did before I won last month. I hadn’t ran, worked out, done some foam roller, spent quality practice with my putter and short game. Too make it short, I had been so unbelievably lazy. That probably another lesson that I got out of shape this month.

I was very disappointed on how I played this week. My driver didn’t really start to where I wanted. The only good shot I had was the drive on the 18th hole yesterday. My caddy had a long talk with me after the round. I wanted to practice after the round because I wanted to fix my swing badly. However, I couldn’t find the right feeling. Finally, I decided to go home yesterday to avoid loosing my temper.

I went running and worked out this morning. Then, I went to practice putting and chipping this morning till 1 o’clock. I finally got a grip on my putting and chipping. It all came from misunderstanding the idea of weight shift. I didn’t shift the weight within but I swayed my weight right to left. That is the reason I couldn’t make good contact with the ball this week.

I feel much better about my game now and I will pay fully attention on how to prepare myself for the tournament rather than going to the motion. It is the time. Do or die!


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