Kyo yatta swing wakarimashita. Kino amari ii swing ga nakkatta. Putter wa mada dakedo round owatta tokini renshu shita chotto wakarimashita.

Kyo 3 birdie one bogey. Ashita mo chotto toritai. ganbarimasu 🙂


Kyo no PW wa yokatta. Kino sensen pin ikinakatta. Daitai 16-18 ga kankai sugimashita. Mo chotto image shikakunaranai.

Round owatta tokini Ezuresan chotto misete roraimashita. Raishu ganbarimasu.

I actually felt better hitting the ball and getting ball in the hole. At the beginning of the round, I started with one under par after 4 hole and then I started worrying too much about the wind. That is where the disaster came on my round.

After the round, I went to driving range and fortunately I could get some lesson with my coach. However, he said that there is nothing else he can teach me at the moment. It is just my decision making. I have to take more time picking up a shot that I want to hit and then have a good rehearsal swing accordingly. Then, simply trust it.
I hit many kinds of shot at the range and there was any single shot that I can’t hit. It is just the matter of my heart and my head. I stayed and practiced at the course until 4:30 just because I wanted to get ready for next week. Just going to give all I got for next week.