Nibanme renran

Kiyomo chotto yokunatta. Rhythm wa motto smooth ni natta.
Kiyomo Ezuresan ni raundo lesson shitemoratta. Motto yokunatta:)






Konnichiwa! Kiyo no gohan desu. Kiyo no renranwa anmari yokunai dakedo Ezuresan chotto meta. Imma chotto yokunattayo


Sightseeing in Okinawa–Kankou

Second day in Okinawa

I tried some new Taylormade clubs both yesterday and today. The new driver is looking good. I’m just trying to play around with the shaft now.

I got nine hole in today with Shinobuchan, Asukachan and her boyfriend. It was raining all day and the weathe was cold. I wanted to practice putting but my back was killing me. So, I decide to go shop for protein shake, protein shaker and form roller.

Here is the a picture of today. There is some kind of tree in Okinawa. It bears a fruit that looks like Duran. Check it out😉


Kiyowa renrandesu.
konokiwa dorian mitai. 🙂

New staff bag–Atarashi golf bag

I just got to Okinawa this morning but I’m still a little tired from last night. These days are weird. I can’t sleep well.

Anyway, today I brought no golf bag today, just put in a paper box. It would look so cool if it is my official staff bag. Check it out


Imma Okinawa desu.
honto no golf bag wa mada morattenai desu. danbollu caddy bag desu. Hahaha