I want to credit all these people to make me came this far for my golf career.

Chang for continuing to support me since 2008 until now.

Miyata Space & Craft for all their kindly support.

Kamurosan from Yuki Golf Factory

Fumikurasan from PMJ wedge

Gifu Seki Country Club and the members to let me use their facility to practice and get ready for a tournament since 2009

All Nagoya fans and supporters, Kikawa family, Ono sensei, Uesan, Yukisan, Sennamisan, yamadasan and many people that I didn’t mention here.

Thanks the Zuisenji Temple to give me a place to stay since my first JLPGA QT

Last but not least, thanks my family to give me all the great support. Specially, my father for introducing me to the game of golf and my mother for supporting me when thing goes up or down. Thanks all my friends,my sisters and all Sattayabanphot’s family for all the love and the support.

Actually, there is one more person that makes all these possibly, Makotochan. Without all her help managing and caddying while I am in Japan, I probably can’t play on the Japan tour. Arigatoune!!

I really appreciate to have all these people in my life. Without them, I can’t make thus far.


12 thoughts on “Credit

  1. moochan burogu mainiti miteimasu conshu ha yosenn tuuka dekimasuyou ouenn siteimasu holtukaidou ni kitatoki wingchan to kyadesan watasi no tomodati to
    syokuji simasennka? gotisou sasete kudasai

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